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It allows you to convert any printable document or file into PDF format
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PDF24 Creator's main aim is to help you convert any printable document or file into PDF format. However, you also have other output formats at your disposal, such as JPEG, BMP, TIFF and plain text. Besides, this tool allows you to edit your PDF files in several ways. It can easily replace many other tools like MS Word to PDF converters, JPEG to PDF converters, PDF editors, etc.

PDF24 Creator installs a virtual printer on your Windows system with the name "PDF24 PDF". To convert any document or file into a PDF file, you just need to "print" it using the mentioned one as the target printer. This action causes "PDF24 Assistant" to launch, and there you can select one of the available actions - Save as PDF, Save as, Send by Fax, Send by E-mail, Edit & Compose, Open and Preview. You can also choose the output quality among low, medium, good, best and custom.

If you are a novice user, or simply want to get your PDF file quickly, you can select the "Save as PDF" action. This opens a standard "Save as" dialog where you provide an output file name and location, and you're done. However, if you select the "Save as..." action, you access another window where you can configure all the details of your PDF file, such as its quality, standard, auto-rotation mode, color model, author, security level, permissions, watermark, signature and much more. Alternatively, you can select a different output format like PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PSD and TXT. For each available format you can configure its specific output parameters.

Back in the "PDF24 Assistant" window, you can use the "Send by Email" action to send your generated PDF file as an e-mail attachment directly, using MS Outlook. You can also select the "Edit & Compose" action to open your file in a simple PDF editor that, in my opinion, the only novel function that provides is page rotation.

Finally, I have to mention that this program also installs a second virtual printer called "PDF24 Fax", which allows you to send your documents by fax to anywhere in the world. Whether you use this virtual printer or the "Send by Fax" action of the "PDF24 Assistant", to send your documents by fax you need to create an account with PDF24 and add funds to it, as this is a paid service.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Supports other output formats rather than PDF
  • Capable of replacing many PDF and Image converters
  • Allows you to configure all the parameters of your output PDF files
  • Allows you to send your generated PDF files as e-mail attachments


  • The only novel function of the PDF editor is page rotation
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