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PDF24 creator allows carrying out PDF-related jobs
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PDF24 creator is a suite of small utilities that allow carrying out PDF-related jobs. Probably, the greatest impact of installing this software on your computer is the creation of a virtual printer that lets you print PDF files. For the user, there’s not much difference in using this printer or a real one, except that you are prompted to provide a target location.

Most of the time the application runs as an icon in the System Tray that you can click to open PDF24 launcher, in which a set of buttons start different utilities or link to Internet locations. The main one of these mini-applications is named PDF24 Creator, just as the whole suite. It allows opening PDF documents as you navigate the folder structure on the left panel. Besides, it supports merging various documents, extracting given pages and manage certificates. I was particularly impressed by the possibility of converting almost any type of document or image into the PDF format. As to this, I successfully converted various pictures and some Office documents, including an Excel worksheet, which I thought would be more difficult to do.

The other buttons in the launcher allow other operations. One of them helps compressing PDF files by reducing quality or DPI and changing the color model. One of its advantages is that it supports reducing files in batches. Another button allows capturing the screen or parts of it. It is also supported to import data from a scanner or camera. In both processes, the resulting picture can then be printed, copied to the clipboard or opened with the default image editor.

There’s still another feature of this tool that should not be forgotten: it complements an online service that supports sending faxes through the Internet. Although this is a paid service, it lets sign up and even send a few faxes a month for free. The rest of the buttons link to this service and an online PDF converter.

In general, I must say that PDF24 is very complete. Yet, I sometimes had the feeling that the whole product lacked unity. This can be rather confusing at times, as the same feature or function can be accessed from different places, in evident redundancy. In my opinion, re-conceptualizing the tool as a single application would be welcomed.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It allows printing to PDF from any application
  • It helps you edit PDFs
  • It supports sending faxes


  • It lacks unity as a product, which might be confusing sometimes
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